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Top Real Estate Mistakes from Kansas City Real Estate Market Expert - David Van Noy, Jr

In this episode, we invite real estate expert David Van Noy to talk about his biggest mistakes and lessons learned as one of the top agents in Kansas City. David Van Noy lists and sells more homes than any other individual agent in the Kansas City market with over 1000 homes sold in 17 years. He has been ranked in the top 25 of all agents in the Kansas City Metropolitan and is ranked in the top 1% of all agents in the United States.

Know your numbers! Is hiring a CFO right for your business?

Hiring a CFO may seem like a luxury, but Marck and Chris Johns will be going through the importance and benefits of having a CFO on board in your company. Uncover the importance of knowing your numbers and the countless benefits it could bring to your business and your partners. As Marck and Chris go through live examples of the dynamics with their own CFO in their company, you will learn how to utilize a CFO to make smart, live decisions based on accurate data.

Finding your Passion - How to Live an incredible Life

Thinking about your retirement? Wondering if a work-life balance is even possible? Not sure what your passion in life is right now? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this episode is a must-listen. We invite Dr. Shane Bisson to share with us how he created his own balance in life as a business owner, chiropractor, and family man. Uncover how he not only followed his own passions but how he also manages to spark those same passions within his team members as well.

CEO Visionary vs. COO Integrator

In this episode, Marck invites special guest Chris Johns, Chief Operating Officer of SBD Housing Solutions, to do a deep dive into the roles of a CEO and COO. What are the differences between these two positions? What are some tools you can apply to best fulfill these roles? And if you are a small business owner, how can you make that transition from a solo entrepreneur into a full-fledged CEO? Tune in to uncover the answers to these questions and more.

Infinite Banking - Bank on Yourself Concepts

In this episode, Sarry Ibrahim and Marck chat and uncover more about the Infinite Banking Concept. Learn how you can grow your wealth in a predictable yet rewarding way with this strategy, as well as valuable tips he has for those trying their hand out on investing for the first time.

Mitch Case-Ditches His Corporate Job To Pursue His Passion Project!

Mitch took the brave path of ditching a high paying corporate job to open his very own lifestyle business - one that focuses on family and is also more family-friendly for his personal life too. Learn about his brave decision and how he tackled the adventure of running a new business head on!

The Magic Elixir of Business from 85 Year Old Businessman Bob Glaser

In this podcast Marck de Lautour is joined by his friend Bob Glaser. Bob is a humanitarian who has a big impact in the community, served plenty of non profit organizations, and received multiple awards for his work in the community.

How Virtual Assistants Can Impact Your Property Management Company with Jeremy Aspen

In this episode we are joined by special guest Jeremy Aspen, to share all about his company, Anequim, which specializes in bridging the gap between your business and success through virtual assistants.

Creative Funding with Tempo Growth Fund CEO Big Mike Zlotnik

In this episode, Marck is joined by Big Mike Zlotnik, the leader of the Tempo Growth Fund. Listen in as they talk about funding, raising capital, and more about real estate. Mike shares his real estate journey, explains what his business is and who it's perfect for.

Zillow Is A Thermometer, Not a Thermostat

Marck shares what to do when you're analyzing to make sure you're not making a bad buy. Zillow acts a thermometer, and not a thermostat.

Team Building & The Power Of Accountability with Marty Albertson, SVP

Marck is joined by Marty Albertson, senior vice president of Stewart Title Company. Our guest focuses primarily on team building and holding accountable, and he gives his greatest advices on those topics.

SBD Housing's Core Values

Marck explains that core values and beliefs are important when you start scaling to attract quality clients. Being ideal team players, always delivering quality, accountability, clear and consistent communication, and more are all explained in this episode.

A Glimpse In The World Of Property Management with Mike Sullivant PART 2: COVID-19 Impact

Marck is joined by Mike Sullivant, the lead property manager in SBD, to give you a glimpse into the world of property management.

A Glimpse In The World Of Property Management with Mike Sullivant PART 1: Leasing

Marck is joined by Mike Sullivant, the lead property manager in SBD, to give you a glimpse into the world of property management.

A KC Native Talks About His Path To Real Estate Investing with Matt Adkins

For this episode we are joined by an SPD investor, Matt Adkins, to share his real estate investing journey.  Once he decided he needed some other cash flow and investment options, he started reading more books and listening to podcasts to increase his knowledge.

Mindset Shift - An Active Investor Turned Passive Investor with Curt Ramsey

Marck talks with Curt Ramsey, to share his story about how he became a passive investor from being an active investor. If you want to have things that other people don’t have, you’re going to change how you think.

Marck’s Guest Appearance On The Money Ripples Podcast

With everything going on the world, is it still a good time to invest money in real estate? In this bonus episode, Marck is interviewed on the Money Ripples podcast. The Money Ripples podcast is an anti-financial advisor podcast where which talks about positive cash flow coming from alternative investments.

Insurance And The SBD Master Insurance Policy with George Reisch

In this episode Marck interviews his Insurance broker, George Reisch, on the benefits of the Master Insurance Program that is available exclusively to SBD Housing investor clientele.

Marck's Guest Appearance On The Parternomics Podcast Page

This is a bonus addition of Mistake Free Real Estate where you will listen in to the interview that Marck had with CEO of Partnernomics, Mark Brigman focusing on the benefits of partnership.

Click of A Button Real Estate Investing With Dr. Phelps & Marck de Lautour

Listen in on this interview where Marck was featured on the Dentist Freedom Blueprint podcast with Dr. David Phelps about his turnkey real estate business.

From Airline Pilot in New Zealand To Passive Real Estate Portfolio With Graham Matthews

Meet Graham Matthews, a gentlemen who built a passive real estate portfolio in America all the way from New Zealand.

A Surgeons Path To Earning Passive Income

Dr. Andy Baber's real estate investment journey began when he realized 10 years into his practice that he wasn't going to be able to do this forever. Accuracy as a surgeon is based on age and ability so he knew he needed to start his investment journey to begin preparing for his exit.

VP of Insurance Brokerage Uses Real Estate Investments To Build Generational Wealth With Dwayne Saucier

In this episode Marck is joined by Dwayne Saucier, a full-time wholesale broker in insurance with a full real estate rental portfolio with 19 properties.