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Minimum Financial Expectations

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We strive to meet the financial expectations above, however every real estate investment is different, and opportunities are only available through our offering documentation and risk disclosures are provided exclusively to qualified investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Hands-off does not mean you will be left in the dark. In this video, Marck answers crucial questions that help eliminate common mistakes often found in real estate transactions.

If you're wondering...
• Should I buy an asset in my personal name or in the name of an LLC?
• Will I be paying in cash or do I need financing?
• Should I get a fixed conforming loan or go with a bank?
• Where do I close on the asset?
• How many homes can I buy?

Marck answers all this and more.

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Investing FAQ's

Example Properties

To get a feel for the properties we offer, and the potential cash flow headed your way, please browse some of our 2020 properties below.

The homes listed below are examples only, actuals are available to qualified investors.

Purchase Price: $105,000
Rent: $1,000
Raytown, MO 64133
832 SqFt
2bd, 1ba
Purchase Price: $124,900
Rent: $1,095
Independence, MO 64056
900 SqFt
3bd, 1ba
Purchase Price: $152,000
Rent: $1,295
Kansas City, MO 64134
1,566 SqFt
4bd, 2ba
What is turnkey


At SBD Housing Solutions, our purpose is to transform Kansas City communities through high quality remodels. We find distressed homes in amazing areas, and work to turn them around to make beautiful homes. As an investor, you have the opportunity to grow your real estate portfolio by taking advantage of a highly simplified process. The beauty of our Investment Cycle is that our company does all the hard work for you. We find the homes, remodel them, find quality tenants, and then manage the properties. This is your opportunity to create a stream of income for years to come, and to help you coast into your retirement years in an even stronger position. We work with both novice and savvy investors alike, whether you’re an international client, or Kansas City proud.
Why invest in

Single Family Rental Assets

Single Family Rentals are uncorrelated to the stock market

Research indicates that since 1992, the SFR category has provided strong returns (8% annual average) with far less volatility than the financial markets.

Demographic shifts favor the rental market

SFR is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. housing market and continues to grow. This increase can be attributed to factors such as student debt, tightening credit and an inability to save for a down payment.

The cost of owning a home has outpaced the cost of renting

Monthly costs of owning a primary residence were up 14% in July 2018 over the previous year. Cost of renting for the same period rose just 4%.

Rents have increased consistently for more than a decade

While we saw a sharp downturn in both financial markets and home prices during the 2008 housing crisis, rents remained fairly steady and even grew during the same time frame.

SFR renters are more stable than apartment renters

The renters of single-family homes tend to be older with more education than apartment dwellers. As a result, there is less tenant turnover.

Why the Midwest

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economical growth
Business Facilities, 2019
most lovable city
Huffington Post, 2019
U.S. cities for high paying jobs and low cost of living
Business Facilities, 2019
best cities for jobs
Glassdoor, 2017
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