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Marck's Story

Our story begins with our founder and CEO Marck de Lautour, who got his start in 2001 after taking a single course on buying distressed properties. He says it was "love at first flip" and the fire that fueled the start of SBD Housing Solutions, Mistake Free Real Estate's parent company. Marck always had the goal of growing SBD by helping our investors be more successful and profitable; a mindset that led him to establish our core values “professionalism, quality, accountability and communication” which currently stand at the helm of all we do. "We know who we are and what we stand for, which is crucial when you're trying to make a large impact on your community" says de Lautour.


Not only is our staff humble, hungry and smart, they are 100% committed to our customers and partners needs. We are ensuring our company's continued success by dedicating time and resources to developing our team personally and professionally.


We have a genuine desire to deliver -over the top- high quality, sustainable homes to our tenants and investors. We always go the extra mile and take pride in our commitments.


We are dedicated, hardworking people who hold ourselves accountable to a high standard. Newly implemented systems will allow us to grow and adapt as the market continues to change at an ever-increasing rate; and our commitment to our investors will persist as we continue to rise as an organization. Most importantly, we know your family’s future relies on us, and that’s why the ease and security of investing with Mistake Free Real Estate remains our most fundamental goal.


We believe being unclear is a form of dishonesty, and have learned that excellent communication will solve most problems before they arise. We are determined to be clear and consistent communicators, both internally and externally, as transparency is what our customers deserve.
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